2022 Real Estate & Mortgage Predictions!

Robison Mortgage Team
January 20, 2022

A new year means...new predictions!

We are continuing our tradition of doing another prediction video for the upcoming year. 2020 shook up the entire industry and transformed it to something that we never expected. 2021 continued the same trends from 2020 and now we're in 2022. What should we expect moving forward?

For 2022, Ronnie predicts:

  • Housing Prices to Increase
  • Number of Transactions to Continue to Drop
  • Interest Rates to Increase
  • Lending Standards Will Stay the Same

Looking back at our 2021 Predictions video, Ronnie was pretty spot on with his predictions! For our 2022 video, we changed up the formula a bit! Ronnie not only shares his predictions, but also explains how he got to his predictions. Even if we don't read the tea leaves correctly, you still get to learn more regarding the market and the current trends that we are seeing.

Check out our prediction video by clicking on the video and make sure to look at more content across our blog & website!