"Meet Ronnie Robison of Robison Home Loans"

Robison Mortgage Team
November 03, 2021

Ronnie has always been the main representative for the company. Despite being the founder/CEO of Robison Home Loans, Ronnie also acts as our main spokesperson for all of our media! Seeing Ronnie throughout our different media channels has made him a familiar face when it comes to learning more about the mortgage process. However, there is more to Ronnie besides just talking about real estate or mortgages!

Our friends at SDVoyager reached out to us a while back and wanted to highlight Ronnie and his accomplishments for the San Diego County community. We accepted the offer and now we have Ronnie's first interview with an outside publication! Make sure to check out the interview HERE to read up on Ronnie and his story.

We are excited for more people to be introduced to both Ronnie and Robison Home Loans through this interview. Thank you again to SDVoyager for the opportunity!