Refinancing In 2021 With A 2018 Home Purchase

Robison Mortgage Team
May 19, 2021

With today's rates, refinancing a property that was purchased back in 2018 is a solid deal!

Rates have surprisingly stayed at record lows for the past year and a half. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people took advantage of these rates and the market has been on fire since. Now is the time to look into refinancing!

For those who purchased a property back in 2018, rates were usually around 4-5%. Fast forward to today, current rates are around the 2-3%! These low rates means that you can start claiming those savings through a refinance. How much will you be saving through a refinance? Well, we have a video that dives into how a refinance will look like if you purchased back in 2018!

For this month's long form video, Ronnie uses an example from one of our 2018 home purchases to show how much they would be saving if they refinanced today. These numbers will surprise you and might even tempt you to refinance as well!

Check out the worksheets for the video here:

By watching the video and viewing the worksheets that go along with it, we hope you got a better understanding of refinancing and the savings that can come with it. If these savings are motivating you to refinance, feel free to reach out to us! We are here to answer any questions and help you start your refinancing journey today!