What To Expect From Us As A Mortgage Lender!

Robison Mortgage Team
April 21, 2021

You want to start your home financing journey, but don't know where to begin or what to expect from your lender. What expectations should a client have for the partners that they will be working with? What should a lender do to help their clients? We are here to answer those questions!

When it comes to starting the home buying process, a mortgage lender should be the first person you go to! A lender should figure out what you want from a financial perspective to really narrow down your options. By narrowing down your search, one knows what they can qualify for. Lenders should also get you pre-approved for the home buying process as well.

When it comes to finding that perfect mortgage lender, you should look out for 3 key values: Education, Communication, and Value.

A mortgage lender provides the money needed for the home purchase, but their job is to also educate the borrower. Lenders should be making sure you understand how everything works and what your options are. Through this education, one should be able to make the right choice when it comes to deciding what is best for their finances and family.

Lenders should also be providing great communication throughout the process. Communication becomes extremely important for lenders during the escrow period. During the escrow period, the lender needs to come through and get the loan done that they promised to do. Lenders should also be communicating with the listing agent and seller to help make the process go smoothly.

When it comes to value, one might think of the best rate that the lender is providing to the borrower. However, you can find value from your lender in different ways. Size of the company, assistance programs, and reviews from previous borrowers should be looked at before committing to a lender. One can also find value in a lender by how competitive they are against other mortgage lenders. Lenders should be providing incentive on why you should be working with them!

These 3 key values are important here at Robison Home Loans because they set our standards for how we work with our clients. From the moment a potential client walks in, we are here to educate them on the process and answer any questions they have. When it comes to communication, we offer weekly check-ins and make ourselves available for questions at any time. As for value, our focus as a small business creates a more streamlined process for your loan!

Education, communication, and value is what a lender should be offering to you throughout the home financing process. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to us!