Don't Wait Forever For Your Loan!

Robison Mortgage Team
December 03, 2020

Long wait times for your loan to finish processing is what we DON'T want!

The real estate market continues to be busy due to low rates and a competitive market. Due to the increase of loans, processing times have increased. However, you shouldn't be waiting over 30-45 days for your loan to close!⁠

Loans shouldn't be taking a lifetime! If a loan takes over 30-45 days, things can go south very quickly. At Robison Home Loans, we work with different lenders that have processing times that meet our qualifications. ⁠

Why wait in the dark not knowing when your loan will close when you can be updated and have your loan close in a short amount of time!⁠

Ready to drop your slow mortgage company and go with someone who will close your loan in a timely manner? Reach out to us today!