Ronnie Robison

CEO, Broker Owner

NMLS #393335

My favorite part about helping people with home financing is getting to be the guide during the biggest financial decision people make. I love to hear about where people are and where they want to go and then give them the actual numbers it requires to get their goal. My wife and I bough our first home in 2009. It was a 840 sq foot town house in Rancho Bernardo that was connected on one wall with a beautiful yard that wrapped around 3 sides. Only 2 years earlier I never imagined being able to buy a house so I thought this would be my forever house. Only 5 years after that we were pregnant with child number 4 and we realized that a 2 bedroom 1 bath home just wasn’t going to cut it. Today we own two rental properties along with our primary residence and I have helped over 220 families use home financing to achieve their goals. I had one client who had a bankruptcy, a foreclosures, and a divorce go from living in a trailer on her families land to home ownership, another who used cash out to pay off $200k worth of credit card debt and another who used cash out to adopt a child. I’m truly fortunate to get to be apart of these amazing stories a well as the couple who is just ready to buy their first home.

I graduated from Poway High School and attended Biola University where most importantly I met my wife. I received a degree in Biblical studies and then worked in purchasing for a medical company. I did one season in sales with the Los Angeles Clippers and then moved back to San Diego and started working at Wells Fargo. From Wells Fargo I moved over to American Capital Homes Loans and opened my own company Robison Home Loans in 2015. My wife, Mollie and I have 6 children Zoie, Pennie, Freddie, Hadlie, Tommie and Libbie.